About us

EKA Composite operates in the boating industry and has been the leading manufacturer in Finland of vacuum-infused GRP parts, hull and decks in the size range 30–55 feet, and custom-made sailboats. We have expanded our operations in 2022 to serial production of vacuum infused boats in the size range 20-30 feet and final assembly of boats in this size range including engine installations.

At our plant in Oravais we have 4000m² dedicated space for vacuum infusion lamination, 4000m² for assembly lines and 3000m² additional space for storage and product development projects.

EKA strives to expand its operations to other industries as well such as automotive, energy, forestry, and mining.

We are specialized in the following business areas.

Vacuum Infusion Technology

EKA specializes in and uses vacuum infusion technology in the manufacturing process to minimize emissions and to reduce its environmental footprint.

EKA’s expertise is high-quality and sustainable products that have a long lifespan. The injection technology enables lighter and stiffer components, which contributes to lower energy and fuel consumption and a quieter user experience. The vacuum infusion method also reduces material consumption in the manufacturing process.

Our employees

Our professional employees ensure that the highest quality of craftmanship, detailing and standards are followed in every process in the production. We are a modern employer in industrial production with efficient and functioning flows, a clean and well-organized factory and with quality controls in place in every step of the production.


We are located on the west coast of Finland in Oravais, in the middle of the boat building and energy cluster of Vasa and Kokkola, with global ferry connections close by.

Our plant is totally 11,600m² and we have the capacity to work with several customers, industries, and projects at the same time.

What does EKA stand for?

EKA means number one in Finnish. In Swedish, it refers to a boat that has been carved out of the trunk of an oak. EKA symbolizes that we should explore our surroundings in a sustainable way and respect nature by using high-quality, recycled and natural materials that have a long lifespan.

EKA Composites strives to be number one in the industry to move this development further and to be a part of the production chain that can deliver customers first-in-class components that last for decades, minimizes emissions and the environmental footprint.