EKA specializes in and uses vacuum infusion technology in the manufacturing process to minimize emissions and reduce its environmental footprint. As your contract manufacturing partner, we can manage the entire chain for you from development to engineering, production, and assembly of the final product. With us as your partner, you will be able to benefit from the best solutions for your final products and competitiveness.

EKA’s expertise is high-quality and sustainable products that have a long lifespan. We produce glass fiber (GRP) and carbon fiber (CRP) by using polyester or vinylester resin. In core materials, we are increasingly moving over from PVC to recycled PET. We focus greatly on waste treatment in our production to minimize our environmental footprint.

What does EKA stand for?

EKA means number one in Finnish. In Swedish, it refers to a boat that has been carved out of the trunk of an oak. EKA symbolizes that we should explore our surroundings in a sustainable way and respect nature by using high-quality, recycled and natural materials that have a long lifespan.

EKA Composites strives to be number one in the industry to move this development further and to be a part of the production chain that can deliver customers first-in-class components that last for decades, minimizes emissions and the environmental footprint.


Our knowledge of composite manufacturing means that we can advise and support our customers in their projects, from early design to final product. We always work close with our customer to ensure that all requirements are met, the quality level wished for reached and that project timetable holds, all the way to production and assembly of the final product. We have the capability and experience to run high volume production but also custom-made projects, depending on customer need.

We offer our customers complete solutions where we can take care of everything from mold manufacturing to completely assembled products to the level desired by the customer “plug & play”, including engine installation and final testing.